HighPoint RocketRaid 454

Tobias c4 at jolt.nu
Sun Sep 21 02:44:11 PDT 2003

I found out how to fix this, the problem is that they havn't developed the 
driver yet for the 454 card... But you can use 404 driver's but without 
Raid 5 support (the weird part is that they mention the driver in their 
online manual).

copy the file to /modules/ and rename it to hpt374.ko

Add it to /boot/loader.conf (this is the location in freebsd 4.8 atleast)

When you reboot you will have them listed as da0 da1 da2...
If you have an raid0 you'll have da0 that is the raid size... nifty
And I get better speeds now... 50MB/s+ with 10% cpu used... abit much cpu 
usage but atleast it works

At 14:17 2003-09-20 +0200, you wrote:

>Hello Tobias,
>I have a RocketRaid 454 Controller. FreeBSD does not support the Raid
>funktion or I've a Problem, but the Controller was correctly listed. I
>use FreeBSD 5.0 and all Arrays (Mirror and Raid 5) was listed as normal
>Drives (ad4 & ad5 ...). All Arrays was not listed.
>At www.highpoint-tech.com is no Driver for FreeBSD available.
>Now I search a Driver or a FreeBSD Kerneloption for this Card.
>Have you everything read about this problem?
>Torsten Jensen
>At 10-Sep-2003 16:24:53, Tobias wrote:
> >Subject: HighPoint RocketRaid 454
> >From: Tobias <c4 at jolt.nu>
> >Date: 10-Sep-2003 16:24:53
> >Hello, I know that this card has support in FreeBSD but I'm curious if
> >anyone has used them under heavy load in a RAID-5 configuration.
> >We're thinking of equipping two of these cards with 8 120GB Hitachi
> >and run it in an RAID-5 array for video material.
> >The usual data streams will likely be 2-3 streams at about 5-20MB/s
> >(totally) and I know that a single drive will handle that, but I'm
> >if the HPT 454 is really stable in FreeBSD.
> >We'll be running this on a 4.8 installation.
> >Now to my questions...
> >Is the HPT 454 card & driver production stable?
> >Do you think that it will handle 60MB/s (read)?
> >Has anyone had a drive failure with this card and successfully replaced
> >while the system was running or am I placing my hopes too high?

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