4.8R and $FreeBSD$ version tag expansion

Derrick Norris derrick at norris-net.com
Mon Apr 7 18:03:39 PDT 2003

On Sunday 06 April 2003 09:21 pm, Bruce A. Mah wrote:
> Hi Derrick--
> You're using cvsup to maintain a local repository, right?  If so,
> you need to add cvsroot-all to the set of collections you're
> pulling down.  After that, checkouts from your local repository
> should have their $FreeBSD$ ids expanded correctly.
> It sounds like somebody needs to write up a FAQ on this...I'll put
> it on my list of things to do but if someone else does it first,
> they'll get no complaints from me.
> Bruce.


That did the trick.  Thanks so much for the quick reply.


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