virus scanners for FreeBSD sparc64..

Craig Butler craig001 at
Thu Oct 25 15:37:53 PDT 2007


Good point, well made.  Thank you.
The problem is if I want to use the box as a mail server, accepting mail 
for the dreaded M$ clients...
Hey maybe I worry too much ...


Craig Butler

Didrik Madheden wrote:
> On 25/10/2007, craig001 at <craig001 at> wrote:
>> Hi All
>> What virus scanners are available for the sparc64 version of FreeBSD ?
>> I have compiled clamav ok, but would like two others.  Usually on i386 I would
>> use f-prot and antivir, however none of them are compatible with sparc yet...
> Maybe I'm missing out on something, but what viruses are there for
> freeBSD/Sparc64? I haven't really heard of any, and I don't think
> there's too much to worry about.
> /Didrik Madheden
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