updated isp(4) driver available

Ross westr at connection.ca
Tue Jul 21 14:57:27 UTC 2009

KDM> I would certainly appreciate any testing that you folks would care to do on
KDM> these patches.  My hope is to get them into -current at some point, most
KDM> likely after the 8.0 freeze lifts.

To let you (+ others know), we've been using this code on our systems
now for a while (7.x/i386,amd64), and all things point to a good solid
release that fixes the bugs we've come across with the current

I will point out that we're a fairly generic FC/SAN configuration
though (HP to EVA - QMH2462 at 4Gb), so haven't had a need to test the
new features.

Excellent work, and hope to see it part of the distribution soon!



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