sysinstall(8) && bsdlabel a new disk

Matthias Apitz guru at
Sun Oct 31 19:01:15 UTC 2010


I installed a 9-CURRENT from an USB key to a hard disk of a laptop and
encountered a strange problem: I booted the USB key to normal
multiuser mode and wanted to wipe out the Windows on the disk, create
one slice ad4s1 and partitions in it for /, /usr, /var, ... 

I thought the simplest way would be just run sysinstall(8) and use the
FDISK and BSDLABEL from the post-install dialog. FDISK went fine and in
the BSDLABEL dialog I just used 'A' (auto defaults). On 'W' (write to
disk) the sysinstall(8) complained about 'unable to open /dev/ad4s1a and
so on for all the created partitions a...f. And also in the dev fs
there were no entries created for /dev/ad4s1[a-f]. They apeared after a
reboot of the system from the USB key.

How this is supposed to work using sysinstall(8)
or should one use only bsdlabel(8) directly in such a case?


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