uath under FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE

Steven Friedrich freebsd at
Thu Dec 10 21:18:34 UTC 2009

I installed FreeBSD8.0-RELEASE so I could see if it's compatible with my 
Netgear WG111T (this is newly supported in 8.0).

Not surprising, uath (the new driver) is not in GENERIC (oopps, yes it is), so 
I copied GENERIC to LAPTOP3 and commented out most of the drivers, since I 
don't need them.  I ensured that uath was not commented.

Please note, as I wrote this I checked GENERIC and uath IS there, but it 
didn't get loaded because I don't see it with ifconfig...

I added KERNCONF=LAPTOP3 to /etc/make.conf, went to /usr/src and rebuilt just 
the kernel, figuring the world was already sync'ed with GENERIC.

The uath isn't showing up after a reboot. Do I need to buildworld/installworld 
or do I have to use uathload to load firmware? I figure the device already has 
firmware and I'd only have to use uathload if I got newer firmware from 

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