Get the cwd of a process?

Morgan Wesström freebsd-questions at
Thu Dec 10 19:54:57 UTC 2009

patrick wrote:
> I've made some headway... perl supports "" which can
> be used to execute code when any perl script is run. It doesn't seem
> to be enabled by default, so I had to add the following line to
> /usr/ports/lang/perl5.8/Makefile's CONFIGURE_ARGS:
>         -Dusesitecustomize \
> As a temporary measure, my has:
> system "echo $$ $ENV{'PWD'} $0 ". (localtime) . " >>/tmp/scripts_used.lst";
> (found this in another thread somewhere)
> So, hopefully the next time this spammer comes back, I will see the
> original working directory, etc. before the process forks itself.
> Fingers crossed!
> Patrick

For the mail archives and also my personal interest - did you ever
figure out what was running the script?

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