Modern FreeBSD Installer?

Rolf G Nielsen listreader at
Mon Apr 27 20:57:59 UTC 2009

Polytropon wrote:
> There is NO thing that works for everyone, a one size fits all
> egg-laying wool milk sow; in Germany, we call this "eierlegende
> Wollmilchsau", a device (or system) that does everything under
> any circumstances, for everyone.
> People are different, that's why there are many ways to go for
> them to choose from. In the past, I chose DOS for some things,
> OS/ES for others, and later on, Linux; today, FreeBSD is my
> choice. I can't tell what I will use in the future, because
> I don't know my requirements of tomorrow.
> Things may change. FreeBSD is an operating system that has
> so much potential, and can be used in many different fields
> of work (and play, and entertainment, and learning).
> One of the reasons it's so versatile is the fact that it runs
> on minimum conditions, still offering the whole power. You
> run the same OS on a 150 MHz P1 as you run on a 5 million GHz
> Uber-server. THAT is modern. :-)

Well said. As I've come to expect from Polyptron. And by that, I hope 
this godforsaken discussion has come to an end. As there's no such thing 
as an "eierlegende Wollmilchsau", there will always be people who 
object, no matter how things are done, and I cannot see the point in 
continuing this any further.


Rolf Nielsen

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