php5 segfault

Laszlo Nagy gandalf at
Thu Oct 9 11:16:03 UTC 2008

> I thought you said you changed the order and it didn't work?  *confused*
I said no success so far. There are more than 20 modules and there is no 
description about what the good order should be. I had to keep trying...
> If so: it should be obvious why it hasn't been fixed.  It doesn't appear
> to affect everyone -- for example, we have never seen this problem in
> the 4-5 years we've been using PHP on FreeBSD -- and the solution
> doesn't really make much sense anyway.  It smells of a missing symbol
> problem (e.g. wants a symbol named "hello_bob", but the symbol
> is available in, which has to be loaded first; however,
> and dlopen(3) have explicit handling for this scenario (see RTLD_NOW vs.
> RTLD_LAZY), so I'm at a loss).
Maybe you are right. But I would think that a missing symbol problem 
should throw an error message telling "missing symbol" instead of making 
a segfault.
> That said, if you feel this is a humongous issue, I highly recommend you
> mail the PHP port maintainer and express your concerns, or open a PR
We had the same problem on our previous server. I'm going to install 
another box today and test it. If the problem comes out again, I'm going 
to write a PR.

Thank you!


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