VAIO Laptop - Fatal trap 19 on boot

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Tue May 27 02:58:13 UTC 2008

Mike wrote:
> I have a Sony VAIO laptop, model number VGN-FZ260E. I was trying to boot the
> FreeBSD 7.0 amd64 bootonly install disk in it today and I kept getting a "fatal
> trap 19" error. Part of the output on the screen says:
> "RAM parity error, likely hardware failure"
> ...but I can't find any problems with it using memtest86, and other
> OSes run fine.
> It looks like this issue has come up on this list before (see URL below), but it
> doesn't look like it was ever resolved. The output I get is almost
> exactly the same
> as this:
> I also found a few similar reports from other users on the web:
> I realize the OS is telling me it's a hardware failure, and maybe the errors
> from the above links were caused by hardware failure as well. But what bugs
> me is that nothing else seems to have any problem with my hardware. Is
> there a better tool (other than memtest86) that I can use to diagnose
> hardware problems?
> Please make sure to copy me on your responses, I am not subscribed to
> -questions.
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Hi Mike,
  my solution to the problem was to plug a firewire drive in. You can 
remove the drive after it has been probed. Once i got the o.s installed 
i built a custom kernel without firewire.


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