Making a new libmap.conf for linux emulation

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Wed Jun 6 01:25:02 UTC 2007

On Wed, 06 Jun 2007 00:28:54 +0200
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> Subject: Re: Making a new libmap.conf for linux emulation
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> Norberto Meijome ha scritto:
> > On Tue, 5 Jun 2007 00:54:32 +0200
> > Sereno Ternullo <serenoternullo at> wrote:
> >
> >     
> >> Hi all, 
> >> I made too many mistakes configuring my /etc/libmap.conf file and now 
> >> I'm having problems with my "linux sub system".
> >>       
> >
> > why do you think you have to do that for? 
> >     
> I'm slowing understanding the source of my disaster.
> Watching to my /compat/linux/ dir, and recognizing it as a Fedora Core 4 
> base system,
> I had the insane idea of installing an entire Fedora core 4 system by 
> unpacking all the RMPs
> found on the first ISO image of the linux distribution.

hmm not necessarily the way to go (restraining myself from saying
'definitely bad bad bad')... have you seen all the linux-* ports in /usr/ports?

(and do you REALLY need ALL of the rpms in FC4? )

> # mount /dev/md0 /mnt/FedoraISO
> # cd /mnt/FedoraISO
> # for rpm in *.rmp
>  > do
>  > rpm --ignore-os -i --root-install /compat/linux ${rpm}
>  > done  
> After these commands I had my problem with ldconfig and the linux 
> emulation.

hmm i dont like it :)

> Now the strangest thing: my /etc/libmap.conf file disappeared.
> * I didn't have to install any rpms ?
> * I was sleeping and issued rm libmap.conf ?
> * someone logged into my system hacking my password by ssh ?
> --> I will check my logs  

Ockam's razor says you simply stuffed up the system so much it's beyond
I suggest reading the FBSD Handbook, including the section about linux
compatibility (and believe the handbook, that is all you have to do to have it
working!), then give this computer another chance by reinstalling.

> I don't know.
> However, my libmap.conf was missing.
> I tried to adjust it by hand, but I'm not that expert, and everything I 
> do about it
> is useless.
> Can anyone of you post me his own libmap.conf file with basic linux 
> emulation ?

I'll say it again - there is NO need to touch libmap.conf when setting up
your run of the mill linux compat. you may *have* to in some cases, but I
haven't had to yet in several years of using linux compat.

> I'm running FreeBSD 6.2 , GENERIC,
> the linux base installed system is Fedora Core 4.

you need to install from emulators/linux_base-.... pick your own. 

Wipe the machine and start again :) that's how we all learnt ;)

good luck!
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