Dell Wireless All-In-One 966 Printer

Warren Block wblock at
Sat Aug 11 15:02:31 PDT 2007

On Sat, 11 Aug 2007, White Hat wrote:

> I am considering purchasing a Dell Wireless All-In-One
> 966 Printer, I really need a wireless printer and this
> one seems to be exactly what I am looking for.

No information (yet) on the 966, but the Dell 920 is said to work with 
the Lexmark Z600 driver here:

Not so for the AIO 946:

> Unfortunately, I have not been able to secure a great deal of 
> technical information regarding this device.

It's likely made by Lexmark (maybe the Lexmark X9350) but rebadged and 
rechipped so you can only use Dell ink with it.  There's a less than 
glowing review of the Dell version here:

> Has anyone on this forum used this device with FreeBSD-6.2; and if so, 
> where you successful?

Dell's web site shows only Windows drivers for this printer.  Lexmark 
says no Linux drivers for the X9350, either.

Dell + Lexmark + AIO - (Linux|FreeBSD drivers) = no thanks.

There are wireless print servers and access points with printer ports 
that will let you make most non-host-based printers wireless.  Costs 
more, but gives more choices.  The site is a good place 
to check printer compatibility.

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

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