Disabled HTT in the kernel but not the BIOS?

Jay Gordon jgordon at datapipe.com
Tue Nov 21 11:43:43 PST 2006

This is fine.  It still shows it even though it will only load 0 and 2.

If you are really worried, turn it off in bios.

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Subject: Disabled HTT in the kernel but not the BIOS?

I have a dual Xeon/HTT server that I run with
set to 0.  At boot, it detects 4 CPUs:

  FreeBSD/SMP: Multiprocessor System Detected: 4 CPUs
   cpu0 (BSP): APIC ID:  0
   cpu1 (AP): APIC ID:  1
   cpu2 (AP): APIC ID:  6
   cpu3 (AP): APIC ID:  7

but top confirms that only processors 0 and 2 are actually running.  So,
than top being unwilling to report more than 50% CPU load, are there any

other problems with running like this, such as the cache being split for
benefit of the HTT that I'm not enabling?  I can live with the cosmetic 
glitch, but don't want to take a pointless performance hit.
Kirk Strauser

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