Building a virgin.

Grant Peel gpeel at
Sun Mar 19 01:49:25 UTC 2006

Thanks for the info!

So the 'best' think would be:

MySQL first,

Apache 2nd,

PHP third, then php-extensions?

Also, Since its likely that this server will be replacing a live one, I 
selected php and mysql for to ensure the apps deployed are compatable.

No suprises wanted when the changeover time comes....


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> On Sat, Mar 18, 2006 at 11:31:54AM -0500, fbsd_user wrote:
>> Install apache first before mysql and php.
> Err, no, I think it's better to do MySQL first:
>> installing database/MySQL server (4.1.18_1)
>> installing database/MySQL client (4.1.18)
> Installing the server will normally also get you the client. Any reason
> for not going with MySQL 5?
>> install lang/PHP4 (4.4.1_1)
>> install (use config) lang/php-extensions
> If MySQL is already installed, php-mysql (or if using PHP5 also
> php-mysqli) will pick up the libraries of the already installed
> mysql-client. Any reason to not go with PHP 5?
>> install apache
> Install Apache before PHP, especially when you're installing Apache 2.0
> or 2.2. By doing that, PHP will pick up on the right apxs binary and
> build with that compatibility in mind.
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