Tracking Security in Ports and Base System

Chris Hill chris at
Thu Mar 2 14:22:06 PST 2006

On Thu, 2 Mar 2006, Donald J. O'Neill wrote:

> On Thursday 02 March 2006 13:59, Chris Hill wrote:

[some erroneous drivel]

> This is not quite correct. "tag=RELENG_6" will give you the src for 
> 6-STABLE, which is to say "FreeBSD 6.1 PRELEASE", or maybe its 
> RELEASECANDIDATE now. tag=RELENG_6_0 will get you the sources for the 
> 6.0 release branch, used only for security and other critical fixes. 
> So yes, there is a difference between the two tags.

Sorry for the misinformation! You are right, RELENG_6 is equivalent to 
-STABLE. I sit corrected.

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