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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Mon Feb 20 06:22:24 PST 2006

>    I am a college student at HLG college. I am a Computer Information
>    Systems major and I have chosen to present FreeBSD to my class as a
>    final project. I downloaded version 6.0 from the freeBSD Site. I made
>    a bootable CD-ROM from the ISO image disc one. The installation seemed
>    to have went ok, but when I go to put a password in for the root user
>    nothing happens. When I type letters the insertion point (cursor) just
>    stays in the same place as if no letters are being typed. When I turn
>    it on now it seems to boot up fine. After I type in my login name and
>    password I am unsure of how to install or run an application, which I
>    am required to do for the project. I have tried finding a basic
>    tutorial on the internet, but have been unable to do so. Please
>    Help!!!
>      _________________________________________________________________

That is the normal behavior with passwords.
That is a security feature to make it less likely that someone
will be able to pick up or guess your password from the screen.

The entire handbook for FreeBSD is online at the weg site.
The web site also has FAQs and links to many other sites with such 
things as tutorials and people's personal experiences and solutions.
In addition, if you use Google to search for any FreeBSD topic you will 
find links to many handbook items, FAQs, questions postings tutorials 
and online publication articles on almost every subject and question 
you can think of, including what makes FreeBSD is so wonderful.

For example, try thinking of a topic such as password or root password 
and Google it +FreeBSD and you should find interesting things.
   eg Google password+freebsd    or configure+freebsd or whatever


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