6.x hangs on AMD64 again

Andrea Venturoli ml.diespammer at netfence.it
Wed Dec 13 07:11:18 PST 2006

Andrea Venturoli wrote:

> I think I'm having the same problems.
> I'm running 6.1(latest patch set)/amd64 on a dual-core Opteron Acer 
> server with SCSI disks and it is hanging completely and suddenly. 
> Checking the hardware was the first thing I did, but it really seems ok 
> (unless it's the second core on the processor). I checked, among the 
> others: the HDs with the vendor's tools, RAM with MemTest86+ and the CPU 
>  with different stress tools. If anyone can suggest other diagnostics 
> I'd  be happy to comply.
> I compiled the kernel with debug info, but that's totally useless, since 
> it won't dump anything, just hang there; I don't think even DDB would 
> help, since even the keyboard is not working at that time. If I'm 
> missing something, I'd be glad to be directed to any pointer.
> The box features an em NIC on board, but since it shows a lot of 
> problems, I removed that driver from the kernel (it's not possible to 
> turn it off in the BIOS, though) and put in a different add-on card. I 
> had some shared IRQs, but managed to solve that issue (even if I think 
> it should not matter).
> Next, I'll try to disable SMP as soon as I can and see if it helps.
> Of course upgrading to 6.2 should be attempted, but since this is a 
> production server and 6.2 is still at RC1...

This is just to say that, since SMP was disabled, I've had no problems 
at all.
Not that I like using UP on an x2 CPU...

  bye & Thanks

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