FreeBSD 6.1 buildworld segfault on gcc

Mischa Peters freebsd at
Thu Aug 17 16:10:06 UTC 2006

>>> Does it always segfault in the same place?  If not then faulty   
>>> memory is your number one suspect.  For that try memtest86+  
>>> (google  for it and burn a CD), or just try pulling memory sticks  
>>> and seeing  if the problem goes away (but beware static).
>> It's always in the same place, with the same message. :(
> Well, that doesn't rule out memory trouble, but it's not very  
> definitive for anything else. :-(
> Have you tried deleting everything under /usr/obj and trying  
> again?  Worth a shot but if nothing comes of it and no better  
> suggestions arrive, test that memory!
> rm -fr /usr/obj/*
> whatever make buildworld and buildkernel stuff you did.

I have tried everything already in regards to a clean build environment.
make clean, make cleandir, make cleanworld... refetching the source.
I will try again in a couple of days... see if that makes any  

I will test the memory, you never know.

Thanx for your help!


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