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Glenn Dawson glenn at
Sat Sep 24 13:31:59 PDT 2005

At 01:16 PM 9/24/2005, Joe Graham wrote:
>  I've been playing off and on with FreeBSD for a bit of time now, but I
>would still consider myself a relative newbie. I've read enough and played
>enough to know how to install applications from ports (e.g., I was able to
>successfully install Moria just by reading the pages I could find). My
>latest endeavor has been to attempt to install MySQL. I've recently
>installed FreeBSD 5.9 on my system,

5.9?  Maybe you meant 4.9?  If so, you'd be better off with a newer version.

>  and was attempting to use the ports
>directory to install it. After going to /usr/ports/databases/mysql40-server
>(mysql50-server failed, couldn't find the file anywhere to download
>apparantly) and running make then make install, I've come across a hurdle.
>The hurdle is rather embarrassing, but is sort of simple (and likely obvious
>to te guys on this list). How do I get the server software to run? I know I
>can't use mysql the client until the server software is running, but I dunno
>the proper steps to take.

If the port you installed was relatively recent, you just need 
mysql_enable="YES" in your rc.conf.

If it's an older port, look for a sample startup script in 
/usr/local/etc/rc.d.  You just need to rename it so that it ends in 
.sh and it will start at boot time.


>  I know, it's a fairly stupid question, but I seem
>incompetent at finding the right instructions to get it going. If someone
>could please point me in the right direction to look around so I know what
>steps I need to do next, I would be greatly appreciative. I'm able to find
>methods to perform certain operations, but naturally it needs to have the
>server software actually running :D Many many thanks to anyone who can help
>me out.
>--Joe G.
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