vmware 5

Stefan Farrenkopf sfarren at gwdg.de
Tue Sep 13 22:47:12 PDT 2005


will there be a vmware port with version 4 or 5 some day or is there 
another possibility to run these versions with with FreeBSD 5.4?

I have found some discussion about qemu, but I did not really understand if 
this helps to use the more recent vmware versions or if it just replaces 
vmware. Can anyone point me to a good starting point for reading about this 
I tested CrossOver Office on my linux box and it's far away from being a 
replacement for the vmware solution.

In my opinion the newer versions should be availalbe, because it's hard to 
swith to FreeBSD, if you do not own an old vmware license.

best wishes,

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