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Tue Sep 13 03:37:34 PDT 2005

Lars Lindblad <lars.lindblad at> wrote:

> New problems with FreeBSD 5.4 on my IBM Thinkpad 600E:
> 1. I try to get the sound to work, but I never manage
> to make! I have tried to recompile the kernel, as described 
> in the FreeBSD Handbook I chapter 8. First I found a website 
> dedicated to Thinkpad600E and FreeBSD 4.7, but the lines 
> presented there didn't work. Instead I went to chapter 7 in 
> the handbook where it describes how I will change the kernel 
> to work with a Crystal 4232 Soundcard, so I guess I got the 
> right lines for the kernel. But when it comes to building 
> the kernel it says that it doesn't know devices with the 
> names pcm or csa. So, I am kind of stuck... HELP!

You don't have to rebuild the kernel to get sound working.
kldloading the right module should be enough.

You can find the available modules with

fk at r51 ~ $ls /boot/kernel/snd_*
/boot/kernel/snd_ad1816.ko    /boot/kernel/snd_maestro3.ko
/boot/kernel/snd_als4000.ko   /boot/kernel/snd_mss.ko
/boot/kernel/snd_cmi.ko       /boot/kernel/snd_neomagic.ko
/boot/kernel/snd_cs4281.ko    /boot/kernel/snd_sb16.ko
/boot/kernel/snd_csa.ko       /boot/kernel/snd_sb8.ko
/boot/kernel/snd_driver.ko    /boot/kernel/snd_sbc.ko
/boot/kernel/snd_ds1.ko       /boot/kernel/snd_solo.ko
/boot/kernel/snd_emu10k1.ko   /boot/kernel/snd_t4dwave.ko
/boot/kernel/snd_es137x.ko    /boot/kernel/snd_uaudio.ko
/boot/kernel/snd_ess.ko       /boot/kernel/snd_via8233.ko
/boot/kernel/snd_fm801.ko     /boot/kernel/snd_via82c686.ko
/boot/kernel/snd_ich.ko       /boot/kernel/snd_vibes.ko

I don't know your laptop and therefore don't know which
module you need, but dmesg could give you a clue.

kldload snd_driver will load all sound modules,
hopefully one of them will attach.

> 2. To learn networking I have connected the Thinkpad to my
> 2.2Ghz Intel-machine, but I must admit that still has too
> less knowledge about networking. I have configured the network
> cards so I can now ping both computers, but I need to know 
> more - does anyone have any suggestions about essential 
> reading (books, websites, other) about networking 
> FreeBSD/Linux/Windows? 

"TCP/IP Network Administration" and "The Complete FreeBSD"
both from O'Reilly are good.
I wouldn't call them essential, but reading them won't hurt.

I suppose you already know about the FreeBSD handbook.
> 3. The network I try to build is just a small LAN at home, 
> with computers (my 2.2GHz) and .2 (my 600E) 
> involved. Could I give them other names? Could I be use 
> Terminal or Konqueror to reach them from each other?

What do you mean by reaching and what names are you talking
about, host names?

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