Antwort: Re: bus error on build/ portupgrade is doing nothing

Axel.Gruner at Axel.Gruner at
Mon Sep 12 02:38:25 PDT 2005


>>bus error
>>I receive the following output on each port i try to upgrade.
>>So, i thought it could be a problem of RAM, after changing the RAM
>>the problem ist still there, so what could be the problem?
>>#portupgrade unzip
>>--->  Upgrading 'unzip-5.52_1' to 'unzip-5.52_2' (archivers/unzip)
>>--->  Building '/usr/ports/archivers/unzip'
>>===>  Cleaning for unzip-5.52_2
>>===>  Extracting for unzip-5.52_2
>>=> Checksum OK for unzip552.tar.gz.
>>===>  Patching for unzip-5.52_2
>>===>  Applying FreeBSD patches for unzip-5.52_2
>>===>  Configuring for unzip-5.52_2
>>===>  Building for unzip-5.52_2
>>NOTE:  use bsd target for non-Intel FreeBSD compiles (if any).
>>make unzips CC="cc" LD="cc" AS="cc" CF="-Wall -I. -DASM_CRC -DUNIX
>>-pipe  -DUSE_UNSHRINK" AF="-Di386 -O -pipe  -DUSE_UNSHRINK"
>>cc -c -Wall -I. -DASM_CRC -DUNIX -DBSD -O -pipe  -DUSE_UNSHRINK
>>unzip.c: In function `unzip':
>>unzip.c:1032: internal compiler error: Bus error
>>Please submit a full bug report,
>>with preprocessed source if appropriate.
>>See> for instructions.
>>*** Error code 1
>Does it always die at the same place in the build?  Typically when
>I've seen "internal compiler error", bad hardware is the
>culprit.  Especially if the build dies at different places each time.

It is always the same place where the build dies.
Also, trying to build the world, stops with a compiler error.
Ah, FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE-p6.

>>(2) portupgrade does not build
>>Trying to update amavisd-new or apache with portupgrade does not
>work. It
>>just do nothing.
>>So, other ports are working to update, others not. So what could be
>If you run portupgrade with -v, does it give any more detail?  Hard
>to say what the problem might be without more details.  Based on your
>first question, it's very likely to be a symptom of the same problem.

Uh, my fault. -v says that the port is up-to-date, but it is not.
Maybe a problem with the "INDEX".
I have this problem also on a machine which builds ports and world without
any error, so i do not think it is based on the same problem.

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