probably a simple routing or firewall question

Eric F Crist ecrist at
Tue Oct 25 11:49:18 PDT 2005

On Oct 25, 2005, at 9:59 AM, Dave wrote:

> Hello,
>        Hello,
>    I've got a 5.4 box acting as a gateway/router and i have to set  
> up another for another network. This one will rely on a different  
> ip range, so i thought i'd hand it out while i'm doing the install  
> via my dhcp server, this part works but the box can't get to the  
> net to retrieve ports and so forth. I'm suspecting either a routing  
> or firewall issue. I'm using pf and am natting all traffic from  
> this new box to my external interface and passing all traffic, that  
> should be working. My network range is and the range for  
> this new box is i believe my problem is here, i'm not  
> sure where to fix it at, my gateway, this new box or both? I'd  
> rather not make to many modifications to this new machine save what  
> it needs to get going, ideally i'd like to hand it over, and have  
> it be dropped in and go. It needs to be that simple, the person  
> whose getting it has an impulsive habbit especially if something  
> doesn't work right out of the box.
> Any help appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Dave.

what is your netmask for the two boxes?  Your default router needs to  
be on the same network as the machines that need to access it.

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