I compiled mykernel seeking for sound support

Teilhard Knight teilhk at crosswinds.net
Sun Oct 23 09:56:58 PDT 2005


This is a second post in which I seek for advice about sound. I tried to
solve my problem with the kernel after install, by using "kldload
snd_driver". The result was that I had sound only in the right channel, and
there was no output from audio CD's.

I now compiled my own kernel with sound support and I have no sound
regardless. The two lines I added to have sound in the configuration file

device sound
device snd_ich

snd_ich is the driver loaded by snd_driver. Did I make anything wrong?
Surely I did, and any help you can give me will be highly appreciated. I 
know my card, speakers and CD wiring are OK, as this machine has several 
OS's and everything works perfectly in them.


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