Preloading of shared libraries

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sun Oct 23 09:23:25 PDT 2005

Philip Lykke Carlsen wrote:
> Hey.. I wondered if it was possible to load a selection of shared libraies 
> into the cache at boot time.. I figure that it would speed up starting 
> things.. like the KDE login manager for instance.. 
> hm.. is this possible? .. and if so.. would it speed up the process of 
> starting stuff at all?..

Sort of.  At one point, you could set the sticky bit on files as a hint to the 
pager to try and keep them in memory, which was intended for things like 
/bin/sh, cron, login, and maybe libc.

Whether it would help in your particular case is harder to say, how much RAM 
does your machine have, and what kind of CPU?  Some people believe that KDE 
requires excessive resources for what it does, consider fluxbox or something 
more lightweight...


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