bizar problem with a Dell latitude D600's onboard nic

Philip Keuleers ph.keuleers at
Sat Oct 22 07:43:26 PDT 2005

Danny Howard wrote:

>Uhm.  Ditto here never having trouble with D600.
>Just for sanity's sake, have you:
>- Tried a different ethernet cable?
>- Tried a different switched port, or whatever you are plugging in to?
>I'd say the easiest solution is to sweet-talk your friend into swapping
>You might also try the wireless, which works great once you set up NDIS.
>Also, please please please get off 5.2.1 ... cvsup, make world, etc, and
>get up to 5.4 or 5_RELENG or whatever STABLE is called these days.
Hey Danny,

trust me I tried it on different networks (work and home) with different 
cables, docked and undocked on battery and without, with and without 
acpi, with different livecd's...

As for upgrading ... I'm thinking about it but I have to admit I'm not 
looking forward to the chore. 5.2.1 to 54 is quite the leap and I'm 
expecting a rough ride.

Thanx anyway :-)



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