User configurable swap files

Alistar Erlas millueradfa at
Mon Oct 17 19:35:29 PDT 2005


I have a feature idea that might be interesting and I
think would be very useful.

I think it would be an excellent feature to be able,
in addition to using a swap partition, also be able to
create files in a filesystem that can be used for
additional VM space, especially which can be created
while the kernel is running and a maximum size that
can also be configured during run time. I have run
into the problem of where the system has run out of VM
space on the system, but I would rather not have to
repartition. This would add a lot of flexibility as
well by allowing the swap space used on the disk to be
variable, only the amount of space needed could be
used rather than a fix sized partition. It is
important to allow users to define as many swap files
as they wish. Users could for instance define swap
files on filesystems on flash memory sticks that you
plugin to USB ports. Instant memory upgrade. Or they
could set them up on remote filesystems. many
possibilities. Thank you, for your attention it is
greatly appreciated. 

You attention to this letter is greatly appreciated.

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