User configurable swap files

David Kelly dkelly at
Mon Oct 17 21:25:31 PDT 2005

On Oct 17, 2005, at 9:35 PM, Alistar Erlas wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a feature idea that might be interesting and I
> think would be very useful.
> I think it would be an excellent feature to be able,
> in addition to using a swap partition, also be able to
> create files in a filesystem that can be used for
> additional VM space, especially which can be created
> while the kernel is running and a maximum size that
> can also be configured during run time.

Already exists. Look for the "swapfile" parameter in /etc/defaults/ 
rc.conf. Its run from /etc/rc.d/addswap. There is no reason you can't  
do the two step procedure manually from the keyboard.

See also swapon(8), and mdconfig(8).

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