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> > Katsuki Hirata wrote:
> > > Hi, I just installed FreeBSD and I have no clue how to
> > > run it. I'm sure it's installed right. When I boot,
> > > and after loginging with both root and/or another
> > > username, I don't know what to do from there on. How
> > > do I get gnome or KDE on? Is it supposed to be a
> > > graphical thing like Windows or Redhat linux? what's
> > > the command to load the operating system
> > >
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> > Hi Katsuki!
> >
> > Welcome to FreeBSD. With FreeBSD you can have whatever graphical user
> > interface you want, just the same as with some customizable GNU/Linux
> > distros. The diference is that you need to learn how to do it. The
> > FreeBSD Handbook on line (and on your ready installed system) is one of
> > the best manuals I have ever seen. Take a look at it and study it, then
> > ask here.
> >
> > I suggest you to try first an easy Linux distro like Mandrake. Be there
> > some time till you get confortable. Then switch to somethink more
> > difficult like Debian, where you can install and uninstall packages and
> > learn how a system works. After some time on Debian you will be ready to
> > enter the FreeBSD world without trouble.
> I suggest that this is very bad advice.   The person is asking a
> question about FreeBSD.   It makes no sense in the world to tell
> him to go to a completely differnt and incompatible OS.   He will
> only learn how difficult other stuff can be and gain very little
> that counts toward FreeBSD.

Hello Jerry:

Oh, perhaps I was too extremist, I did not want to start another OS war. But
it depends on his learning efforts. It seems that he has installed FreeBSD
without reading the manual, cause if he did, he would have find the X
chapter and read it. If he is a Winbugs or a "ready to fly" Linux user and
expects all that kind of point and click pleasures, he will abandon FreeBSD
inmediately and will never come back here as soon as he finds the "dark
FreeBSD and even Debian GNU/Linux are for people that love computing and
believe in free OSes, people who like to know a bit more about how a
computer works,  not  for people that want a free Winbugs.
People want to switch the computer on and work inmediately, they want to
install software with a mouse click, without knowing anything about
commands, libraries, ports, compilers,  partitions, slices, IDEs and SCSIs;
they want drag an drop files everywhere, clicking on files and automagically
open the suitable software for them . In that sense Winbugs is the winner
and will be for some time cause it comes out of the box with that features.
If one wants that functionality in FreeBSD or Debian GNU/Linux, one needs to
spend some days to customice the system.
FreeBSD and Debian GNU/Linux are for people who want a true free, reliable
and good performance OS, but in return they need to spend some time to learn
it. Once you understand how this free OSes work, you will love them.

A Debian GNU/Linux satisfied user and FreeBSD newbie (but getting in love
with it very quickly) :-)

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