where is autoconf

Thomas Foster tbonius at comcast.net
Wed Mar 2 19:23:08 PST 2005

Did you install any of these ports of autoconf?

Remember the ports tree is a skeleton of potential applications you can 
install, they are not the actual installed apps themselves.. be sure and 
read the Ports/Packages section of the handbook :


What are you attempting to install that requires autoconf?

Currently, I am running autoconf-2.59_2 which seems to do the trick.


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> hi there,
> I'm quite new to freebsd, so please forgive my
> ignorance.
> I'v just installed freebsd on a free partition,
> and I try to get familiar with the system.
> Ultimately I'd like to try to port applications
> I develop on linux to freebsd.
> The first issue I run into is that I'm unable to
> find an 'autoconf' executable. I'v found different
> versions as ports and packages, but they all only
> seem to contain autoconf<version>, where <version>
> is one of [213, 253, 259].
> What am I doing wrong ?
> Thanks,
> Stefan
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