Problems since 5.3-RELEASE-p15

Tuc at T-B-O-H ml at
Mon Jun 20 23:07:59 GMT 2005

> On 6/17/05, Tuc at T-B-O-H <ml at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> >         Ever since I upgraded to 5.3-RELEASE-p15, I've started to run into
> > problems...  All of a sudden, anything I do results in a Segfault. Sometimes
> > I'll get :
> > 
> >         /libexec/ top: Shared object has no run-time symbol table
> Is there a more or less reliable way to reproduce this? What should I
> run to try to reproduce this?
	Thats the thing. I can't force it to happen. It just "does". Infact,
when looking at my logs, it happened at 1am this morning and I didn't even
realize it (And wasn't anywhere near the machine).

	I can't do any debugging once it starts since EVERYTHING cores that
I try to run.....

	This isn't a production server so I'm not dying for a solution, but
it would be nice to not have this problem.

		Thanks, Tuc

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