make buildworld fails in openssl/colldef [SOLVED]

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Thu Jul 28 14:44:12 GMT 2005

Marius Korsmo wrote:

>> That does not look like an *old* version, it looks like a completely 
>> different file.  Did you install anything not from ports that might 
>> have overwritten it?  Did you try and install a port into a target 
>> hierarchy that /usr/local?  (The same copyright header as the real 
>> 5.4 one exists in err.h from 4.11).
>> Operating system bugs are rare compared to user errors, I'm afraid.
>> --Alex
> As far as I can remember, I have not installed anything that didn't 
> come from
> the ports collection. I have only used the ports, and always installed 
> them to
> the default directory.
> I did not mean that this was a OS bug, and it would be really strange 
> if it was
> since I can't find any other person that has had the same problem. 
> There must
> be an application that overwrote my err.h. I've tried to provoke this 
> error
> again, but I can't. I tried to install all the ports on another server 
> (until i
> ran out of space), but the error did not occur. But with that said, 
> there was 20
> ports I didn't have enough space to install, so the problem might lie 
> there.
> I might be the problem as well, maybe I did something I shouldn't have 
> done. But
> I can't really see what that should be :) Anyway, the solution is here 
> and I
> hope it can help other people that end up with the same problem (if 
> that ever
> happens).

Then put it down as a mystery :-)

If you are worried about it happening again, then just mail yourself the 
head of the file every day from cron.  If it does change, at least 
you'll know better when it happened and might be better able to figure 
out what caused it.

You could also force re-installation of your current ports on the same 
machine, but that might be more time than you care to spend.


PS I suppose the clever way would be to head the file, egrep for 
Copyright then egrep -v the correct date (2003) since that will be empty 
when the file is correct.  So you should be able to arrange for the mail 
to arrive only when there is a problem (which might be never again!).

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