Need Help Installing FreeBSD with AMD x86

virgil huston virgil.huston at
Tue Jul 26 14:02:00 GMT 2005

> At 01:57 7/26/2005, Corey Farwell, wrote:
> >I have all the ISO's burned to a CD, but when I put the boot disk in to
> >install, after I restart, it goes to the normal windows. I've already tried
> >going to the BIOS settings, but nothing there helped me. What do I do now?
> >Corey Farwell

Try hitting F12, F10, or F8 as the computer is booting up (with
FreeBSD disk in the CD drive). That will usually give you an option to
boot from CD, depending on what kind of computer you have. Or, go into
bios and set to boot from CD first.

Virgil Huston

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