Need Help Installing FreeBSD with AMD x86

W. D. WD at
Tue Jul 26 13:00:48 GMT 2005

At 01:57 7/26/2005, Corey Farwell, wrote:
>I have all the ISO's burned to a CD, but when I put the boot disk in to 
>install, after I restart, it goes to the normal windows. I've already tried 
>going to the BIOS settings, but nothing there helped me. What do I do now?
>Corey Farwell

Hey Corey,

In Windows, how many files are on the CD?  Do you see a short
list (# 1) or a long list (# 2)?

1.  Short List:
 Volume in drive N is FBSD5   Dsk
 Volume Serial Number is 2966-09C7
 Directory of N:\

54-REL~6 ISO   563,701,760  05-27-05  5:16p 5.4-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso
CHECKS~8 TXT           207  05-27-05  4:46p CHECKSUM.MD5.txt
         2 file(s)    563,701,967 bytes
         0 dir(s)               0 bytes free

2.  Long List:
 Volume in drive N is fbsd_miniin
 Volume Serial Number is 0537-007E
 Directory of N:\

5~6      3-R             0  11-05-04  4:59a 5.3-RELEASE
ERRATA   HTM         4,831  11-05-04  4:41a ERRATA.HTM
ERRATA   TXT         3,651  11-05-04  4:41a ERRATA.TXT
HARDWARE HTM       115,673  11-05-04  4:41a HARDWARE.HTM
HARDWARE TXT        68,633  11-05-04  4:41a HARDWARE.TXT
INSTALL  HTM        73,043  11-05-04  4:41a INSTALL.HTM
INSTALL  TXT        54,724  11-05-04  4:41a INSTALL.TXT
MIGRATE5 HTM        45,289  11-05-04  4:41a MIGRATE5.HTM
MIGRATE5 TXT        30,571  11-05-04  4:41a MIGRATE5.TXT
README   HTM        20,395  11-05-04  4:41a README.HTM
README   TXT        14,921  11-05-04  4:41a README.TXT
RELNOTES HTM       133,496  11-05-04  4:41a RELNOTES.HTM
RELNOTES TXT        64,363  11-05-04  4:41a RELNOTES.TXT
BASE           <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a base
BOOT           <DIR>        11-05-04  4:41a boot
BOOT~36  CAT         2,048  11-05-04  5:00a boot.catalog
CATPAGES       <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a catpages
CDROM    INF            25  11-05-04  4:34a cdrom.inf
COMPAT1X       <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a compat1x
COMPAT20       <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a compat20
COMPAT21       <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a compat21
COMPAT22       <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a compat22
COMPAT3X       <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a compat3x
COMPAT4X       <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a compat4x
DICT           <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a dict
DOC            <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a doc
DOCBOOK  CSS         2,971  11-05-04  4:41a docbook.css
FLOPPIES       <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a floppies
GAMES          <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a games
INFO           <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a info
MANPAGES       <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a manpages
PACKAGES       <DIR>        10-29-04  7:30a packages
PORTS          <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a ports
PROFLIBS       <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a proflibs
SRC            <DIR>        11-05-04  4:34a src
TOOLS          <DIR>        07-13-03  7:36a tools
        16 file(s)        634,634 bytes
        20 dir(s)               0 bytes free

If you see a short list, instead of the long list then you still
have the OS in "image" format.  Use Nero or some other "ISO"
burning software to get the actual CD.

Once you have the CD as it is meant to be used, this might help:

If you already see the long list, then you have burned the
ISO file correctly.  You need set the BIOS to boot from
the CD.  You might have dig around in there or Google for
better instructions.  Good luck!

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