courier-imap installation

Danny MacMillan flowers at
Sat Jan 1 14:03:24 PST 2005

On Sat, Jan 01, 2005 at 02:57:34PM -0600, artware wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I'm a n00b to FreeBSD, and I'm trying to install courier-imap
> with 5.3, but I'm not sure what steps I should be taking. I did:
> pkg_add -r courier-imap
> However, when I do:
> /usr/local/libexec/courier-imap/imapd.rc start
> (as the courier-imap manual instructs), it gives me:
> /usr/local/etc/courier-imap/imapd does not exist, forgot make
> install-configure?

Did you look in the /usr/local/etc/courier-imap directory?  It will
contain a number of *.dist files that you will have to copy and
modify to configure your installation.  For example, if you want
to serve imap you will have to rename imapd.dist to imapd and edit
the resulting /usr/local/etc/courier-imap/imapd file so that it is
configured the way you want.  The file is heavily commented and the
necessary changes should be trivial.

> Which is odd, because imapd actually seems to be in
> /usr/local/bin/imapd, and I would assume that courier-imap was

That is the executable.

> configured properly when it was prepared as a port. I would just

It was installed properly, but quite a few ports require some post-
install configuration, especially on the server side.


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