How can I cut and paste from xterm _into_ another program ? (NOTE - I am not an IDIOT)

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Mon Feb 28 19:35:29 GMT 2005

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 09:36:30 -0800 (PST)
Joe Schmoe <non_secure at> wrote:

> instead of actually reading my post, several
> folks have responded ... presumably just looking at
> the words "cut" and "paste" in my post and responding
> with a tutorial on how to use my mouse buttons. 
> Thanks.
> So I'll start all over.
> I am running X on fbsd 5.3, with ratpoison as my
> window manager.  I only run two apps - xterms (1 or 2
> or 3 of them) and opera (my web browser).
> I can cut text in my xterms by simply highlighting it,
> and I can paste that text back into that xterm, or a
> different xterm by clicking my right mouse button.  So
> yes, I know how to cut and paste thank you very much.
> I can also cut and paste in opera by selecting text
> and choosing edit->copy from the menu - I can then
> paste that text back into opera with edit->paste, or
> shift+insert, and FURTHER, I can paste that text into
> any of my xterms, with shift+insert OR with my right
> mouse button.
> THE PROBLEM IS, if I cut text in an xterm, I cannot
> paste it in opera.  That is the only problem.
> So to recap, I know how to cut and paste - thanks.  No
> need for the mouse button tutorials.  All I want to
> know is, why can I not properly cut and paste from
> xterm TO opera, when I can already do it successfully
> gtom opera TO xterm ?

i believe that, despite your negative opinion of the replies (yes, one
or two were off), you have had your answer at least a few times.

1) highlight desired text in *term.
2) switch to opera
3) middle click (either you have a dedicated middle button or you click
both simultaneously)

works here.

please confirm that you have tried this -- from the messages i've seen
(quite possibly not all), you have not yet.  you've only said that you
'know how'.

if this does not work, you may have a mouse driver issue.  we can
continue troubleshooting this, after eliminating the known working

> Thanks.  Hopefully anyone responding will actually
> read the post this time.

P.S.  no need to be quite so snarky.  if you are in the future,
hopefully people will not bother to offer their help (even if they do
get it wrong sometimes).  lighten up.

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