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Mon Dec 26 13:34:59 PST 2005

On Monday 26 December 2005 07:24 am, Danial Thom wrote:
> --- dick hoogendijk <dick at> wrote:
> > On 24 Dec Kent Stewart wrote:
> > > There is also the problem that some sites are
> >
> > designed to work with
> >
> > > Internet Explorer. You can try to visit with
> >
> > firefox but that doesn't
> >
> > > always work even with firefox on XP.
> >
> > NO site should be designed to work with
> > IExplorer. I know it's done, but
> > it should not! Why do we have W3C? If we could
> > all just do things "by
> > the book" the internet would be a much nicer
> > place to visit.
> >
> > People who design for IExplorer are bad! They
> > have microsoft in mind and
> > _not_ the visitors. I hate it when choice gets
> > violated! It should be
> > called a crime against freedom.
> No, you're wrong here. You're letting your
> religious philosophy cloud your business sense.
> You develop to service the highest percentage of
> your expected viewer base. The truth is that the
> vast majority of visitors to most web sites are
> going to be using IE. While using unnecessary
> features as a primary component of your site that
> ONLY work with IE is foolish, you can't
> compromise your design just so that it will work
> with the 3% of religious fanatics that refuse to
> install IE on thier machines. Business is about
> numbers, and the numbers say that your site HAS
> to work with IE, and its nice if it works with
> others. I generally test with IE, Firefox and
> Netscape and I don't care much about much else.
> I have a friend in the travel biz who gets an
> unusual amount of traffic from AOL, because most
> of his customers are not computer people. His
> site needs to be well tested on AOL, where I
> couldn't really give a rat's behind if my
> commercial site works with AOL or not. You have
> to make sure your site works with the greatest
> majority of browsers available that will be
> accessing any given site.
> Its unfortunate that MS does what they want
> rather than following the standards, but in
> reality the standards should follow MS, because
> its really the only way to make everything work.
> Much of Microsoft's "extra" stuff is pretty
> useful and arguably better; its time the unix
> geeks get over it and stop whining about the big
> bad bully for the good of the big picture. MS
> isn't going away anytime soon. The truth is that
> anything MS does is a de-facto standard, whether
> you like it or not.
> DT

I guess we should just throw out w3c and assign the task to microsoft. While 
wer'e at it lets get rid of all net standards. After all microsoft is so far 
ahead we'll never catch up.



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