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Sun Dec 18 13:07:09 PST 2005

+++ Michael P. Soulier [freebsd] [18-12-05 14:39 -0500]:
| On 12/18/05, Gojyo <gojyo83 at> wrote:
| > I've disabled sendmail running the enable-qmail script after qmail
| > installation (and I can see it's not running), I've copied the "maildir"
| > start script from /var/qmail/boot to /var/qmail/rc and added
| > qmail_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf.
| > Now I can't exactly understand what I have to do: I think I have to run
| > qmail from the svscan service, but I really cannot figure out how to do it.
| > I need some help....
| I don't know how qmail is set up on BSD, but if you're using
| daemontools, bringing qmail up should be as simple as svc -u <service
| directory>. Check its current status with svscan <service directory>.

sockstat -4l | grep 25

will tell you what is running on port 25 (default smtp port).
Also /var/log/maillog maybe be useful along with /var/log/messages.

Daemontools can be found out by:

cd /usr/ports && make search name=daemontools

if you have installed ports tree. When I tried, I didn't have
installation problem. It was very smooth through ports. It took time
for me to configure it.

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