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> kevintaber at wrote:
> > currently I mount my XP share via: mount_smbfs -N //a7v133/raid
> >
> > How can I get put this in my /etc/fstab so that it doesn't prompt me
> > for a password upon bootup.  This winshare is accessible without a
> > password and by anyone.  I have read through seveal forums and read
> > man pages gallore, but I still remain unsuccessful.
> >
> > 5.3-RELEASE-p1 FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE-p1 #0
>  From the man page for mount_smbfs(8):
> [quote]
> ~/.nsmbrc  Keeps static parameters for connections and other information.
>             See /usr/share/examples/smbfs/dot.nsmbrc for details.
>                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> ...
>   It is possible to use fstab(5) for smbfs mounts:
>            //guest at samba/public    /smb/public     smbfs  rw,noauto 0   0
> [/quote]
>  From /usr/share/examples/smbfs/dot.nsmbrc:
> [quote]
> # smbfs lookups configuration files in next order:
> #       1. ~/.nsmbrc
> #       2. /etc/nsmb.conf - if this file found it will
> #          override values with same keys from user files.
> [/quote]
> You will have to store your password in cleartext, but you seem to
> already be doing this in home directory since you are using the -N flag.
> -Ash
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If you want this to mount from the fstab at system boot, remove the noauto
flag and place an -N in the string:

#//user at server/share_name      /mount_point        smbfs   rw,-N

That will read the password information from the users .nsmbrc file as Ash
stated, or, if you want it system wide, use the /etc/nsmb.conf file instead.


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