FreeBSD system update killing PostFix links?

Tim Hogan tim at
Sun Apr 17 05:19:46 PDT 2005

Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

>On 2005-04-16 21:10, Tim Hogan <tim at> wrote:
>>I have recently done a system update to address some security issues and
>>discovered that during the update the soft links in my /usr/sbin directory
>>were re-written back to the system defaults.  I believe that I have changed
>>the mailq, sendmail, and newaliases soft links back to what they should be,
>>but is there a way to verify the postfix installation?  Is there a way to
>>keep FreeBSD from doing this during a build world?
>What you are trying to accomplish with those soft links can be done in a very
>easier manner if you use mailer.conf(5).  Let those soft links be as they
>should *really* be (the way installworld sets them up), and edit your
>/etc/mail/mailer.conf file to invoke Postfix.
>Alternatively, if you are truly convinced that mailer.conf(5) is not good for
>you, you may find a look at the description of NO_SENDMAIL and NO_MAILWRAPPER
>in make.conf(5) very interesting :-)
I edited the /etc/mail/mailer.conf before I did the last update and it 
did not seem to work.  I think that I will try the NO_SENDMAIL option in 
the make.conf file and see what happens.  One question though, the 
NO_MAILWRAPPER option will keep the system from building the mail 
wrapping application but do I need to worry about that since I am using 
the NO_SENDMAIL option?  Will it still try to make softlinks?


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