[OT] is there a ThinkPad clone?

Joel rees at ddcom.co.jp
Thu Apr 7 19:27:40 PDT 2005

On Thu, 7 Apr 2005 09:01:07 -0700
Gary Kline <kline at tao.thought.org> wrote

> 	People,
> 	Apologies up front if anybody thinks this is *too* far OT,

I'm having a _really_ hard time focusing on work for the shock this
caused me. I can't imagine anyone actually _choosing_ to use those
mutant cursor-bumping descendants of game pads. But some people like
cramped keyboards for similar reasons, too. 

> 	but if the 8 months I've been using FreeBSD on my TP 600E
> 	(400MHz, 288M, 12G). it has become my favorite computer.
> 	__Not__ having that std mouse-pad thing where you scratch
> 	or drag or tap your fingers lets me rest the heel of my left
> 	hand dead-center and type away.  The tiny mouse-stick and the
> 	three cut/paste bars work well too.  

After reading the pdf Andrew gave a link to, I realized that when my
wrists started hurting some time back, I seem to have subconsciously
altered my typing habits. My hands float now, and, although I still lean
too much on my elbows, I at least am keeping my wrists straight now.
Maybe reading Ben Wing's pages way back when helped me get motivated to
change my habits.

> 	When I upgrade, I'd like another laptop with the same 
> 	layout.  The few other laptops I've looked at all have 
> 	that mouse-pad.  Anybody know if there is anything like
> 	a "ThinkPad clone"??

Now I think I understand why Apple has not built an ultra-light.

But it takes all kinds.

I don't have any idea whether ultra-lights in the states have that
cursor-bumper control stick, but, near as I can tell, it's in
practically every ultralight sold in Japan. (One of many reasons I have
not bought one of Sony's 5x7 units to try installing fBSD on.) The
cut/paste bars also sound familiar, I'm thinking I never could figure
them out on Fujitsu units.

So, if you have a reason to be in Japan, plan a stop in and around
Akihabara (or Nipponbashi and Umeda) and you should find plenty such

Now maybe I can get back to work.

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