RDEsktop/VNC questions

Benjamin Walkenhorst krylon at gmx.net
Thu Nov 11 12:27:21 PST 2004

Louis LeBlanc wrote:

>Quick question about interconnectivity.
>You OSX users may be familiar with a very slick little utility called
>RDC (Remote Desktop Connection).  Some of you other *BSDers may also be
>familiar with one called VNC (Visual Network Connection ?) or RDP (?).
>The purpose of said utilities is to provide a sort of graphical shell
>similar to an X session from a remote machine in a window.
>There are several rdesktop and vnc clients in the ports, so rather than
>go through the flurry of install-tryout-uninstall/repeat, I figured I'd
>go to the place to ask questions.  Here.
>So, who's using these clients, and how effective have you been finding
>them?  Any gotchas?  How cool is it?  Do they just plain suck?  And more
>to the point, which one(s) should I start with on the short list?
>All feedback is welcome - and appreciated.
In my experience, vnc is painfully slow.
rdesktop on the other hand has always performed to my full satisfaction.
On Unix machines (and IIRC OSX, as well) you can also use X11 
(preferrably tunneled
through ssh).

Kind regards,

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