Apache2 seg faults

Admin admin at swedehost.com
Mon Nov 8 13:06:31 PST 2004

Matthew Seaman wrote:

>On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 08:03:15PM +0100, Webmaster wrote:
>>Hi everybody.
>>Need help with Apache2 seg fault.
>>I'm totally in my blinds on this one. It seems like the problem occurs 
>>when Apache is trying to
>>do a graceful restart.
>>Tried to do some "googling" and searching the mail archives, but found 
>>nothing useful.
>>Found an answer from Matthew Seaman to a similar problem, but didn't 
>>understand much about it.
>Fame at last!
>>odin# uname -a
>>FreeBSD odin.swedehost.com 4.10-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE-p3 #0: 
>>Fri Nov  5 16:04:49 CET 2004     
>>root at odin.swedehost.com:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/ODIN  i386
>>This is what the httpd-error.log has to say about it :
>>[Mon Nov 08 19:00:00 2004] [notice] Graceful restart requested, doing 
>>[Mon Nov 08 19:00:02 2004] [notice] seg fault or similar nasty error 
>>detected in the parent process
>>[Mon Nov 08 19:01:52 2004] [warn] pid file /var/run/httpd.pid 
>>overwritten -- Unclean shutdown of previous Apache run?
>>[Mon Nov 08 19:01:52 2004] [notice] Apache/2.0.52 (FreeBSD) PHP/4.3.9 
>>mod_ssl/2.0.52 OpenSSL/0.9.7d configured -- resuming normal operations
>>And then nothing happening. I have to manually restart the server by 
>>issuing the following :
>>/usr/local/sbin/apachectl startssl
>>Any and all help preciated.
>It is probably not a problem with the base Apache itself which is
>leading to the segfaults.  Rather I'd suspect that some module you're
>loading into apache is causing the problem -- I mean a 3rd party
>module like mod_php{4,5}, mod_jk or mod_perl.
>The first step is to narrow down what the cause of the problem is.
>Try commenting out the LoadModule directives in httpd.conf until you
>can isolate which one is the cause of the problem.
>Note: I'm assuming that you're using the standard prefork MPM --
>that's definitely the preferred (in fact the only working) method
>under 4.10.  I think it's still preferred in 5.x, but in that OS
>version you might be able to succeed at using one of the threaded
>	Cheers,
>	Matthew
Thx for your answer.
Will follow your advice and try to pinpoint which module causing the 
I do suspect php according to another mail I found searching the archives.
leading to this link : /http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=27810
/which didn't enlight me very much, but might help other people to 
understand the problem :-)

Another issue I do remember from last time I cvsupe'd and port upgraded, 
was two ports
that wasn't upgraded.
php4-mcve ( marked ignore ) and squirrelmail.
Don't know if this is relevant, but just thought I would add  it.

/ Hasse.

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