Bandwidth hit in natd/ipfw on 4.4-RELEASE

Ruben de Groot mail25 at
Fri Mar 26 06:17:16 PST 2004

On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 08:24:04PM -0700, webmaster at typed:
> Hey, I just my got NAT box running 4.4-RELEASE on an old Pentium 90 and 
> I'm experiencing a number of problems and I think they're related.. 
> there's been a major bandwidth hit in all my web surfing and my ICQ, AOL and MSN (using both Trillian and Messenger) are dropping connections -- a lot. I don't think a single day's gone by without a connection dropping or two. As I said before, I've taken a bandwidth hit on my surfing as well -- to the point where connection attempts are completely timing out. I've included an abbreviated rc.conf and my natd.conf here..

Please wrap your lines at ~70 characters.
4.4-RELEASE is quite old. Have you considered the possibility that you
got rooted?


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