extra pages when printing text files using pr and lpr

rogermiller rogermiller at alumni.union.edu
Fri Mar 12 13:43:57 PST 2004


Thank you so much! Your suggestion worked perfectly. (I don't know why I hadn't thought to look at the man page for printcap.)

Roger Miller
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From: Mike Jeays <Mike.Jeays at rogers.com>
Date:  12 Mar 2004 07:22:40 -0500

>On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 23:09, rogermiller wrote:
>> Hi, all.
>> I write a lot of plain text files, and print them to a dot matrix
>> printer attached to my parallel port. To do so, I use the pr command
>> to add headers, as follows:
>>   pr -o 8 filename | lpr
>> The problem is that the system always generates an extra page [form
>> feed, I suppose] after the last page. If print *several* files at
>> the same time, the extra sheet only follows the last page.
>> Is there any way of suppressing this last blank page / formfeed?
>> Thanks.
>> p.s. If it matters, I'm running 4.9-RELEASE.                 
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>Try the "sf" option in /etc/printcap/.  Read man printcap for more

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