Mounting a New Hard Drive

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Mar 12 06:35:13 PST 2004

"Crucial Servers" <admin at> writes:

>     I have always mounted hard drives and edited the fstab file, is there a mount command that will add the entry for me so there is no mistakes. Assuming the hdd is /dev/ad2s1a what would be the proper format for mounting this.

I don't think there's any automatic way to add it to fstab, but you
can certainly mount it from the command line and use that to create
the fstab entry by hand.

mount /dev/ad2s1 /path/to/mount/point

should mount it, then you can umount it and add

/dev/ad2s1      /path/to/mount/point	ufs	rw		0	0

to your fstab.
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