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>`man xterm' `man xfontsel' :)
      Read  man xterm  a long yime ago, it didn't help (although it mentions
the  -fn  option, it doesn't tell me how to use it nor give an example).  
man xfontsel  now, but it didn't help.  Anyway, problem solved (via the
-fn  option someone wrote me about but that  email  disappeared somehow
[may have been deleted accidentally] so I can't thank him).

>Gerald S. Stoller wrote:
>|     I use  xterm  a lot and I always set the font size to
>| tiny  which requires (to my current knowledge) an additional
>| action (this action is particularly reprehensible to me because
>| it requires that I use both hands, one on the mouse and one on
>| the keyboard) after the window is opened.  Is there anyway I
>| can specify this along with the  xterm  invocation, say by
>| setting an environment variable appropriately?
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