sasl2-->saslauthd-->pam-->mysql issue

Shaun T. Erickson ste at
Mon Mar 8 22:46:16 PST 2004

If I set pwcheck_method to auxprop and authenticate against sasldb2 
which has a single user of "ste at" in it, along with it's 
password, I can auth just fine from mozilla, where I told it my user 
name was "ste at".

However, if I change it from auxprop to saslauthd, which calls pam, 
which does a mysql lookup instead, it fails. It opens the correct 
database and table, and selects the right fields, but it asks for a 
username of "ste", instead of "ste at", so it doesn't find 
the password, and fails.

Why is it only asking for "ste", and how do I get it to ask for the 
right value?



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