pcmcia wireless

yitzchak.lander at us.army.mil yitzchak.lander at us.army.mil
Wed Dec 22 08:54:32 PST 2004


   i am using the 5.0 dist, and i cant get it to read my pcmcia ethernet
   card. it is rather old card with a cat-5 connector on it for plugging
   into my router. it is called ositech trumpcard and it is the jack of
   dimonds model  the card works because i tried it on the same computer
   before loading freebsd and i could surf the net with it. is there a
   driver avaliable for this card or should i go get a wirless one? (i
   cant find any cabled ones) if i need to get a wireless one, what brand
   do you recomend? i do have a wirless g router here.



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