No latin characters :(

Mário Gamito gamito at
Tue Dec 21 22:36:52 PST 2004

Hi Mike,

Somehow, i did managed :)
I think it was when i've set the terminals to iso-8859-1 and set LC_CTYPE.


Mário Gamito

Mike Brown wrote:
> Mário Gamito wrote:
>>Hi again,
>>I did everything just as you told me.
>>When i type a latin letter like á, etc., i get a greek letter :(
> Internally, your "á" is probably byte 0xE1, as that is how it is defined by 
> the ISO-8859-1 character map, and I assume that it's being interpreted 
> correctly on the input side. If this byte is interpreted for output/display 
> according to another character map, then you will see some other character 
> that you didn't intend. For example, if it looks like "ß" (Latin small letter 
> sharp s, which is used when writing the German language), then the byte is 
> being interpreted according to CP437.
> If you tell us what character you get, it may help. We also need to know what 
> you are using for display. Anything you can tell us about your setup, and how 
> *we* can reproduce your results... There are so many possible points of 
> failure, and you have not told us enough.
> Are you using the console (using hardware text modes), or are you doing this 
> via an X Window session and a terminal window, or are you SSHing in and 
> looking at everything through a Windows or Mac OS X environment? If you're not 
> doing this at the console, then what SSH or terminal app are you using and how 
> do you have it configured? In what are you typing the non-ASCII characters -- 
> a shell? a text editor? Which one? All of these things make a difference.
> -Mike

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